Technical Skills

Languages: JavaScript, Go

Databases: SQL, PostgreSQL

Software and Tools: Terraform, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Artifactory, CircleCI, NestJs, React.js, Jest, Docker, Ansible, Git, GitHub

6 River Systems | Waltham, MA/Remote | DevOps Lead | June 2021 - present

  • Lead a team of DevOps engineers working primarily on internal tool and application development, with additional focus areas around infrastructure deployment and IoT fleet management

  • Worked with the team to improve our Agile process, transitioning from a sprint-based to kanban-based workflow in order to increase our productivity and allow more accurate reporting to stakeholders and project managers

  • Coordinated with other leads, product managers, and engineers to manage multiple projects that the team was responsible for; defined and completed quarterly roadmaps; took complex requirements and broke them down for the team into clear and well-defined work streams

  • Projects completed during leadership include significant changes to the 6RS release tooling and infrastructure, many updates to our authentication/authorization framework and user management tooling, and multiple new features to support deployment and updates to our fleet of robots in the field

  • Practiced leadership responsibilities including weekly one-on-one meetings with direct reports, quarterly and yearly peer reviews, interviewing and hiring new candidates for the team

  • Participated in the daily and weekly oncall rotations for the DevOps team with one of the highest overall resolution rates on the team

6 River Systems | Waltham, MA/Remote | Senior DevOps Engineer | February 2019 - present

  • Currently driving development for the 6 River Systems Authentication/Authorization software; this includes building new authentication strategies and developing user APIs to be consumed both by automated WMS systems and 6RS customer-facing UIs

  • Designed, wrote, and deployed a Node.js application to assist 6 River TechOps/Deployment engineers with managing Google PostgresSQL instances and databases

  • Maintained the 6 River Systems base OS image for the company’s product, a mobile warehouse robot, and supported field engineers with OS upgrades, networking issues, and other urgent issues

  • Built and deployed infrastructure for the 6 River Systems cloud microservices, using Terraform to manage multi-cluster Google Kubernetes Engine deployments, Google Pub/Sub, and Bigquery resources

  • Created the first 6 River Systems CircleCI orb to streamline the CI/CD process and simplify configuration files across our repositories

  • Interview candidates for both DevOps and QA roles

Solve - MIT | Cambridge, MA | Web Developer | August 2018 - February 2019

  • Lead web developer for the Solve website and user platform

  • Designed new features and functionality; maintained performance while promoting rapid growth

  • Updating legacy code, writing unit and feature tests, and maintaining a CI/CD environment

  • Moving the SDLC at Solve into an Agile process and including other teams in this workflow

6 River Systems | Waltham, MA | Senior Software Engineer in Test | June 2017 - August 2018

  • Designed and implemented the first full-system regression, smoke, and integration tests for the 6 River Systems mobile robotic fulfillment platform

  • Developed automations in collaboration with DevOps to streamline the software release process

  • Wrote and deployed automated scripts to manage Quality Assurance team processes and enable the Software Deployment team to perform on-site integration testing

  • Utilized Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, and Google Cloud infrastructure to deploy and maintain production software while mentored by DevOps

  • Mentored new QA team members and other members of the technical staff

Launch Academy | Boston, MA | Developer Apprentice | March 2017 - May 2017

  • Developed critical, applicable programming skills in 10-week immersive bootcamp

  • Designed and built live applications to gain experience across a wide range of technologies and build a portfolio


Amherst College | Amherst, MA | B.A., cum laude, Religion | August 2018 - May 2012

  • Honors Thesis: “Discovering Meaning in the Shikoku ohenro: a Closer Look at an Experience”

  • Awards: Second Moseley Prize for Religion, 2012; Doshisha Fellow, 2012-2013 (Kyoto, Japan)