Harrison Muskat

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Feel free to reach out to me by email if you want to chat about something.

My resume can be found here, and see below for other relevant links related to my work.

Where I Work

6 River Systems, as a DevOps Squad Lead

What I Do For Work

  • Cloud infrastructure design and development supporting large customers and internal teams alike across microservice-based cloud applications and IoT systems backing huge fleets of warehouse robots

  • Node.js application development with a focus on web APIs and productivity-focused CLIs

Some stuff I've Built (or helped build)

  • Authentication/Authorization system in NodeJS, taking advantage of the NestJS framework (dependency injection, yay) and Passport auth to implement different strategies; incorporated user management and email-based password reset into this system

  • Wrote a CircleCI orb to convert outdated Bash scripts into simple, testable orb jobs and commands; the orb manages many parts of our CI/CD process including versioning, image building and deployment, and deployment of images to GKE clusters

  • Terraform infrastructure-as-code to support single applications and microservices running in GKE, using backends both in CloudSQL (Postgres) and SQLite; created small modules in order to simplify the implementation of our Terraform and make it reusable

What I Do For Fun

  • Cycling (and pretty much any other outdoor activity)

  • Playing with my dog and hanging out with my wife

  • Cooking and eating delicious food